Global exporting

Exporting of whole chicken and cuts as feet,paws,wings,.. to all countries including Asian countries such as Vietnam, Hong Kong and others

Customer satisfaction

Another of our goals is customer satisfaction with the purchase. We want the customer to be satisfied with the quality and reasonable price.

Advice and agreement

The good price along with its quality makes it easy for the customer to agree with us. We also advise him if needed.

Hygienic packaging

Proper packaging of goods has summed up all the features of a good product in irf-global company.

We are one of the best
whole chicken and cuts as feet, paws, wings ,poultry meal,…

exporter in Iran

Considering our esteemed collaboration with only reputable growers, we are able to source and supply Frozen Chicken Feet and paws in huge quantities and very affordable prices. We Frozen Chicken Paws and different chicken cuts at very affordable prices.

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High quality of whole chicken and cuts with poultry meals

Frozen meat

Temperature: under minus 40 degrees Celsius (-40c) and No bad smells

quality guarantee

We are proud to provide the service with reasonable price and good quality and we guarantee this quality.

We do not compete, we create competition.